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We cater to Pharma, Agro, Dyes & Specialty Chemical Industry.
Technical Capabilities
Fidel Craft Reaction
Vilsmeier Reaction
Hydrogenation using precious metal catalyst
Most products involve multi stage synthesis
2 manufacturing facilities at Vapi - each spread over an area of about
15,000 square meters
Plants designed for multipurpose use and flexibility - include
equipments such as:
Glass lined reactors ranging from 500 liters to 5000 liters
SS reactors ranging from 500 liters to 6000 liters
Over 600,000 liters total vessel capacity
High pressure autoclave
Distillation columns
Solvent handling facilities
Continuous and batch pilot plants
Both sites offer totally integrated manufacturing facilities with well
equipped QC labs and dedicated R&D facilities
Partnering through Custom Manufacturing
At Chemiesynth, we believe that we are an extension of our customers’ business and all efforts are made at improving customer competitiveness. The custom manufacturing relationship is often extended and support provided in other business areas including sourcing, logistics and supply chain management. At the same time, we strongly respect and are committed to protecting the IP rights of customers over their processes and products. Backed by the strictest level of confidentiality and utmost transparency, we have been able to forge strong partnerships with highly reputed companies.  
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